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Voting Rights

Voting Rights in Georgia and the United States are under attack and assault by Georgia State and United States Federal Republican elected officials and office holders because they cannot win fair elections where all citizens can vote to choose their elected leaders without unlawful discriminatory barriers to discourage and intimidate African American, Latino, and Asian American Georgia voters to not try and attempt to vote at all to make this exercise of your right as an United States citizens so difficult and frustrating that you just let them keep unlawful winning by default and unlawful intimidation tactics and maneuvers. Georgia State Republicans have passed discriminatory laws the 2021 Election Integrity Act SB 202 that eliminated drop boxes for Georgia workers that made it easier for Georgians to drop their absentee paper ballot off and not have to wait in long lines taking several hours to exercise their right to vote, made it illegal to drop off an absentee paper ballot or even request a absentee ballot for other legal voters in Georgia to keep certain Georgians from voting them out of office Low Turn out, made it illegal to give water and food to Georgia voters that are waiting in long lines taking several hours to exercise their right to vote, cut the time to register to vote in an election year, cut the early voting period which made it easier for certain Georgians to vote easy, cut the runoff time from 9 weeks to 4 weeks because they lost this state to a Democrat in 2020 in their quest to retain and keep power, have gerrymandered all state and federal voting districts to make it easier for them to win an unfair election by drawing the voting district lines around Georgia voters that will only vote for them and not a Democratic or Independent candidate, and state court and United States Federal judges are unlawfully allowing these unlawful acts to be forced on Georgia voters, so changing this voting process is sequential to saving our state, electing the right people to elected office and making our state a better Georgia to live.

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